Let's talk about JavaScript?

Meetup 01.12.2018

The chernivtsi.min.js is a local Meetup for JavaScript developers. We are minified version of annual conference ChernivstiJS. We suspect you to heard about us, either you must connect to us immediately ;)

Our community focusing on frontends technologies and both sides of JavaScript (it mean server- and client-side developments). We confess the idea of absolutely free meetups for everyone.

Languages: Ukranian, English, Russian



12:00-12:05👋🏻 Opening talk
12:05-13:45🗣 First talks section
13:45-15:00☕️ Break
15:00-17:00🗣 Second talks section
17:00-17:20🏁 Closing talk
20:00-∞🍸 Afterparty


Christina Landvytovych
Kyiv, Ukraine
Are you (w)here? Using maps in your projects
Angular/React dev, codenewbie, AI research student, speaker, lover of beerjs community, girl with great ambitious and low budget
Sergey Koshman
Kyiv, Ukraine
Where canvas will provide benefits to your experience
Frontend experimentalist, beerJs activist, speaker, co-organizer of KyivJs, AngularKyiv, PubTalk
Stas Demchuk
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Make your Product With Node.js, AWS Lambda and Alexa
Software Engineer passionate about front-end, AI and ML
Ivan Lavriv
Lviv, Ukraine
Move your code to microservices
Любитель програмування, пива, походів та важкої музики, на час виступу ще буду безробітним. До цього часу програмував на різних технологіях і робив різні задачі в індустрії і буду продовжувати. крім того викладаю курс Web UI в LITS
Denys Mohylin
Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Why I changed side of "End"
I am frontend developer that want to start take some part in IT community of the town


Belle Vue
Kobylyanska St, 2
Chernivtsi, Ukraine